Aims and Values at St Joseph's College

The first educational influence on a child’s development is the family and the main educational function of St Joseph’s College is to assist parents and carers. The school has high expectations for academic success and we also set high standards with regard to morality and emotional maturity. We do this through the promotion of Christian beliefs and respect for all faiths.

St. Joseph’s College staff, parents and pupils form a community whose members care for one and other, respecting the personal dignity and integrity of each child and adult, regardless of academic ability or religion.  St. Joseph’s College has a proud Catholic Christian history and we strive to provide an education which helps all pupils meet their needs, achieve success and prosper.

We endeavour to assist parents and carers in the development or their children while promoting a sense of belonging to our caring community. We do this through formal and informal contacts with pupils and their families.  

Our Catholic Christian values and the ethos of the school are supported by the formal teaching of Religious Education, themed   assemblies in which all pupils are involved and by attending services presented by the schools chaplaincy team. Staff and pupils grow and work together on various projects; such as the many fundraising activities held throughout the year to support local charities and the work of SCIAF (Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund), an international charitable organisation which provides aid, education and healthcare to people in developing countries.

Mrs Jones the Head Teacher is responsible for the formulation of the general aims and objectives of the school. These are worked out within a framework of National and Authority policies and decisions are made in consultation with staff, parents and pupils as appropriate.

Mrs Jones is responsible to stakeholders including parents for the smooth operation of the school and for the emotional, educational and physical wellbeing of the school community.

Appointments to meet the Head Teacher can be made by telephoning the school and at Parents’ consultation evenings and events. She also attends the Parent Council Meetings and Parents and friends Association meetings.

Parents are encouraged to contact the Head Teacher if they have concerns about their children or if they have any cause for complaint.

The Depute Head Teachers support the Head Teacher by taking responsibility for strategic leadership and management of particular aspects of the school.

Each year in consultation with all our stakeholders we produce a School Improvement Plan which includes curricular developments, directs all staff towards agreed goals and defines available or required support.