St Joseph's College Campus and Facilities

Main Campus overview

St Joseph's Campus


We are lucky to have a large and very attractive campus here at St Joseph's.


There are a number of buildings which make up the school which include the PE Department with attached Refectory, the Annexe and the Main School Building.


Main Building

The main building holds the majority of our teaching and learning resources, we cover all subject areas other than RE and PE here and additionaly have Reception, Conference Room facilities, Assembly Hall, Offices, First Aid, Reprographics and Management.


PE Department/Refectory

There is a small Gymnasium, a large Games Hall, many changing rooms and the normal storage and office spaces.


The PE Department also has Tennis Courts, Hockey Pitches and a tarmac multi-sports area to complement the large playing fields both on campus and at Maryfield.


In addition, the schools Refectory or Canteen is sited here catering for all of our Staff and Student needs.



Our Annexe building currently houses RE and additional English classes in a building which was originally a Gymnasium.