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S4 Hospitality class host Staff Christmas lunch


Nearly thirty staff sat down this week and enjoyed a very high quality, three course Christmas lunch prepared and cooked from scratch by the S4 Hospitality course. Guests were delighted at the quality of the food provided, the pleasantness of the service and how well presented the food and surroundings were. Retired staff were also invited to join the Festive Fayre.


Mrs Jones, in her vote of thanks, gave generous praise to all pupils and of course the organiser of the event, Home Economics teacher Miss Wilson, saying that the pupils had done themselves great credit.


The pupils also found the experience very instructive, and did a great job of washing up all the pots, pans and dishes by hand. Parents please note this, and that your child is very ready to help on Christmas Day!!


Sophie, S4 pupil, said "The Christmas Lunch for teachers was really stressful but at the same time it was really good fun and enjoyable. It was good working with people in my year group.  It was an enjoyable 3 course meal and we got lots of good compliments from all the teachers. Miss Wilson did a great job of organising the event. All the teachers had a good time together, having a good talk and catching up with each other. It was really hectic but well worth it. All the class has a really good day with lots of laughs around the kitchen."


Eliss, S4 pupil felt "that the Staff Christmas lunch was a good experience. There was a very calm atmosphere throughout the kitchen which came as a surprise as I had originally anticipated it to be very hectic and everyone rushing. I didn’t actually experience the serving of the dishes but I had been told it had been easy enough and all the teachers were very kind and supportive. Miss Wilson was as calm as ever and was very good under pressure, she didn’t get herself in a panic or a rush and handle the whole lunch very well. Overall it was a great experience and I would defiantly do it again."


Ashley, S4 pupil, wrote "Making the teachers Christmas lunch was a good experience but at the same time stressful. I enjoyed working with my class cooking the 3 course meal under the supervision of Miss Wilson. The atmosphere was stressful but in contrast to the experience which was enjoyable. It was a good feeling getting compliments from the teachers at the end and made all the stress worthwhile. I would gladly do it again next year."



African Choir 3rd Decmeber

On the 3rd of December the African Children’s Choir will be coming to perform at St Joseph’s College.  


The choir originates from Uganda in 1984. Many of the children have lost one or both parents to AIDS and other poverty-related diseases, and all of them are victims of extreme poverty.


Proceeds from the choir's work is used to fund education and relief efforts for African children affected by poverty and disease.n



African Childrens Choir
The African children’s choir.pps
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